In order to create a new listing for your product or service, click the green icon.

Note that there are 5 steps in the listing creation process.

1. Add an image or a video.

2. Select a category and add the regular price of your item (not the sale price).

3. Select the offering type and expiration date. If you choose a Sale listing then enter how much of a discount you're offering on your item. If you choose a Bonus listing then enter how much of a bonus you'd like to offer in Goodomy.

4. Enter the item name, description, and language.

5. If you want customers to come into your place of business to buy your item, then click 'Sell Locally' and search for your business name and location on the next screen. (If your business isn't listed in Google Places yet, click here.) If you want customers to buy from a website, enter the URL where the item can be found.

Click submit, and you're done!